Paris for her


Flavoured green tea – Floral & fruity
This green tea exhales all the elegance of Paris, with notes of rose, raspberry, and lychee merging into a truly decadent blend.


Paris for her is a flavoured green tea that is delicate and refined, like a Parisian woman. The notes of rose, raspberry and lychee are perfectly matched in this delicious floral blend.

Palais des Thés continues to create excellence with its homage to Paris: two new refined flavoured blends. Paris for her and Paris for him pay tribute to the romantic and elegant City of Light; to legendary fragrances and tender moments. These indulgent blends, one containing green tea and the other black tea, bring out the Parisian lady and romantic French lover inside of all.

Paris for her and Paris for him make delicious and meaningful gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays and anniversaries, or can simply bring the spirit of Paris to your home.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 7 cm